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July 26, 2013
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Ignis Lavat by Equestria-Prevails Ignis Lavat by Equestria-Prevails
The Crystal Queen strikes down the treacherous General Tirek and routs his rebels. Her Justiciars sack Midnight Castle and raze its great halls to the ground.
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That is an awkward way to hold a longsword. Especially one that's on fire.
True. But there's a pretty staggering misconception about the weight of swords, and longswords aren't really that heavy or difficult to wield.
About three pounds, give or take, and actually quite an agile weapon. Nothing to do with weight, it's about range of motion.

With a normal grip you can cut from any point of the compass, and your hand will be protected by the crossguard the whole strike. You can stab from above, below, and either side. You can block incoming strikes on the crossguard from any direction, push them away from you to either side, and angle around from any side.

With a reverse grip, you can only cut or slice from the right (maybe a little from the lower left), you expose your hand at the beginning of the cut, and your elbow is exposed at the end. It's difficult to get power and reach from the motion, and the more you do, the worse your exposure is. Options from the left are even more sharply limited - mostly stabbing, although this motion at least stays behind the guard. Most blocks will be at angles where you have less leverage, with no way to angle around for a counter.

Plus, you know, it's on fire. I'm expecting her clothes to catch fire in three, two, one...
Ehh, she's a motherfuckin' archmage. She'll be fine.
M7Fire Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:icontirekplz: I'm calling my lawyer
Is there a story about this?
Cobrawolf86 Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
More like the point of view from one of the villains. "Tirek was a Centaur who wanted to reform the old kingdom that was ruled by the Crystal Queen Megana I, who ruled Dream Valley in the First Age of Pony History. But Megana was not willing to enact any reforms, seeing that all was perfect. Tirek soon decided that force was the only way to get Dream Valley to be reformed. But he was being tricked to start the civil war by Nightmare, Goddess of Darkness and Night. At the last battle of the Civil War, Megana and Tirek fought to the death. Tirek was killed and he Army was routed to the far north. But the Ponies of Dream Valley made a large mistake as they burnt down Midnight Castle, which was also a Temple to Nightmare. In Revenge, Nightmare demanded that Faust, the Mother of all, Punish Dream Valley. So Faust unleashed The Windigos, and ended the first Age with an ice age. The Ponies that had joined Tirek, along with Tirek's mate, the unicorn Crystal Night, found a Magical land protected by a enchanted crystal. They soon founded the Crystal Empire and Crystal Night became the first Empress."

That might be a good idea for this picture.
Sometimes one must Perish, Lest thousands die in their Stead.

Do I feel Sorry For Him? No. Do I pity Him? Yes. A grand Warrior Spirit is rarer than the Diamond in the Rough, 'tis a shame such greatness was wasted and brought to naught.

Magnificent work here. I applaud your Talents.
I don't see why everyone is taking Tierk's side here. Yeah, yeah, he looks all sad on the ground, big boo hoo. Just because one looks crushed does not mean they were automatically a good guy, it means that they have been put into a state of submissive helplessness, as any creature does when it has been badly bruised down. To me, it isn't much different from the footage of Gadhafi's mob execution, yeah he looks scared and helpless, but does that mean he was a "good guy"? No, it means he got his flank handed to him and he knows it. We have no idea what this guy was doing before the picture occurred, and to judge who you think was the "true evil" based on who has the upper hand seems a bit superficial. Tears alone should not sway.
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