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The Rosy Apple by Equestria-Prevails The Rosy Apple by Equestria-Prevails
A minor disagreement between several feathery tavern-goers quickly escalate into a rowdy brawl
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Blizzardblaze Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
This scene really reminds me of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast
bumbleboo12 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I definitely love griffons more then ponies, but I love dragons even more =^w^=
except for spike, sorry spike spike (great!) plz your alright
Typhrus Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015
Sometimes, you just need to punch something... 

Also, those two back there have had WAY to much. =P (Razz) 
LovelyColleen1 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Everypony fight in a Traven or a bar sometimes
dragon567lover Featured By Owner May 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
In the back there's a set of legs with a hoof on one and a paw on the other....COOL what type of creature is that?
mothafucka3000 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015
Ахахахах, пони алкаши! Однозначно вин!
DracoKX Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015
If it's a bar, it's a fight
ArtisticDemonZ Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Student Artist
lol i love the two ponies in the back!!
GreatSwordOfVictory Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014
The order of events that happen when you walk into the tavern.
1. You find your seat and get something to drink.
2. Two guys start arguing over something near you.
3. Two others start acting funny, and you get the feeling they've had a tad too much alcohol.
4. The guys that are arguing get violent and start fighting.
5. The bartender tries to break them up, and the two drunk guys start singing.
6. You finish your drink and leave.
Centaur71 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
*sigh* that's Gryphons for you; the Klingons of Equestria...
Reisen514 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Student General Artist
and then comes the EDF Military Police to break up the fight.
GhostNinjaART Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Food fight!!!!!
SonicMila Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AGREED:PizzaParty: :PizzaParty: :PizzaParty: :PizzaParty: :PizzaParty: :PizzaParty: :PizzaParty: 
MLPegasis4898 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Those drunk ponies over there... :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
HailMyself Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
Well, another normal night in district tavern. Is will be wierd if there are not have any rowdy brawl.
Manicroxmysocks Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
Just realized that's Pussywillow and Fixette in the background! Lol
LeilaDrake Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Professional General Artist
I keep coming back here just to enjoy the picture...
StormdancerGryphon Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014   Writer
I love this!
TheExhorsecist Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
"There: Detrot.  You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and gryphony. We must be careful..."
lukasg98 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
i love great party !
Xamrin Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
A rowdy brawl?! They have lethal weapons! They're trying to kill each other!
Heiryuu Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013
what? thou hast not  lived until thou hast fought in a bar brawl with swords and daggers drawn with each slobbering degenerate slurring their unspeakable acts that they had preformed upon thy mother! tis a fight for Honor, for wenches and fine ale!
ColonelBSacquet Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Fight for Honor, wenches, and fine ale ?

Meh. Methinks it is naught but useless quarrel. If thy honor being slandered in such a place is meaningful for thou, then thy honor is ill-placed.

P.S.: Gotta love the Shakespearian speech. :-)
Heiryuu Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
Verily i say that the Winking Mare tis a fine establishment! full of saucy maids,  and rowdy brigands! much enjoyment is to be had in the smashing of bottles and the cracking of skulls! and if thou best us in combat the next round wilt be on mine own purse!

(kings james' english actually. the KJV bible is useful for something)
cRaZyKiD9219 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
bar fight! grab your beer bottles and smash em!
Kylami Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist
^^ This is simply put: Magnificent

I feel almost part of the action!
slowusaurus Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Student General Artist
We need more griffins in the show!
Le-escritor-VBA Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
Do you mind me using this for project of mine?
Solaris90 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I love the way you draw gryphons.
magshi Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Reminds me of tortuga
Deer-Hunter01 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013
Fixette & Pussywillow having a gay ol' time.
Mlp-Adopts-For-Brony Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
Really Fixette? Really?
SparkSwift Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
HEY! your paying for that damage!
Beanzoboy Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
This is badass, man. I love the out of focus guy in the corner. Helps the picture to look like a photograph. Wonderful job.
ceraperduta Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
HEY! Outside! Outside!
Anthro-animals-rule Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
I have no feelings of pride for lowly, arrogant tavern brawlers. But hopefully, they will remember that there are many evil kingdoms that wish to conquer the gryphon kingdoms as well as the pony kingdoms. The various gryphon clans must put their petty fueds aside and work together to vanquish evil forces everywhere. During the course of war and after the war, they might respect one another, by admiring each others skills in combat. Feuding gryphon clans will only lead to more bloodshed and nopony wants to see that.
Pastel-Colours-Grin Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Like the above comment if you didn't read it all.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013
They from different clans?
SomeKindaSpy Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
Mmm.. I'd say they just disagreed on something. (I read the description).
Wego7 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013
I think my favorite part of this are the two drunken ponies singing in the back. It's great how you made them so obliviously happy. Can't wait to see you craft more of this intensely rich world! <3
Connor085 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013
What world/story is this from? I have never been able to find out.
kahas Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
I think it's from artist's personal world.

I want to know all about it =D
But artwork descriptions aren't really descriptive.
Le-escritor-VBA Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
Say, is this after or before the war?
dragoneye98 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Student General Artist
Dang! Griffin VS Griffin the epic battle who will win?
SteenHansen Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dat Skyrim Steel dagger :3
Hyperwave9000 Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Meanwhile in Equestria
DerpyWolf44 Featured By Owner May 20, 2013   Digital Artist
why do dangerous bars always have cute names
etech2012 Featured By Owner May 7, 2013
fuckin' griffons always startin' shit
MataNuiSaga Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
Man, if there is a short animation of this, it would look very epic!!!
Chompasaurus Featured By Owner May 8, 2013
In slo-mo, with the Brave Song from Angel Beats.
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