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The Shady Trough by Equestria-Prevails The Shady Trough by Equestria-Prevails
The night is still young

(had to include Meadowlark and Sunshine :iconegophiliac: because they're awesome)
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MLPegasis4898 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Bat Pony Bar!!! Love it!!! :hooray: :hooray: :hooray:
the-mysterious-ponyX Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
so many awesome'sHeart (it looked like there were two ten of diamonds but i guess Gildas is hearts. to bad , for a minute there i thought things were about to get ugly.)
Oh, so that's what what teh context was...
Blausky Feb 23, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I LOVE this piece!! It feels like quite a while since I've seen such a interesting piece like this. It's probably because you have such a great background going on, as well as a good main focus with the card game in front. You use just the right amount of detail for each layer of the background, and excellent perspective!

Maybe I've got a soft spot for poker/card game pictures, but I also love a good bar picture, and you've managed to combine both of these beautifully. You really feel like you're part of both the late night scene, and this particular card game.
The Griffon in the picture resembles one of the Griffons on the "Rainbow Falls" episode... can you see the future?
Paige-the-unicorn Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
This reminds me of the inns in skyrim for some odd reason...
Interesting, I just read a bunch of comics and apparently "golden armor" was based off of this picture and no, one knew of these guys origin. I find it intriguing that it worked out like that, but cool. Just remember, "Diaries of a Madman"

Ugh, everyone here seems to think this is a scene from some "Golden armor" fic, well its not. And its not blueblood either. This is a scene from a book "Diaries of a… . It is a great read and I would suggest it. Either way midnight is the captain of the night guard on the left, the one in the middle is quisling, a changling. And the one on the right is shade. sunshine is a gay guard and I dont remember who meadow is. I hope this has cleared it up cause the artist who drew this must think its funny watching everyone bicker about who they are. This is a small bit from the book, which is over 1.4 million words and going btw. Also the main character is a human.

He blinked in surprise as I turned to walk down the stairs. Whatever he was thinking, he quickly caught up. I took a deep breath before I turned the corner and walked right into a scene from a D&D game. At the table closest to the door and the bar sat a cute bat pony playing poker with a white stallion and a dark griffin. The mare had fangs and was obviously winning, and the other two players didn’t look that amused. From her fangs I assumed she was the captain. Behind them was the bar, with stacks of barrels going up to the relatively high roof and a few bottles of all kinds on a lower rung under the barrels. A unicorn was acting as bartender, floating a bottle to a depressed looking stallion sitting on one of the stools. Several tables dotted the room, each with a few bat ponies talking and drinking something from mugs of all kinds. It was at that point that I noticed that not all of the bat ponies had golden eyes. Some of them were green and a few were blue. One of the guys was even wearing an eye patch.
None of them noticed us. I ignored whatever Smiles was trying to do and walked up to the table with the cute mare. “Mind if I join in for a few hands?” I asked.
“Long as you got the bits,” the female griffin sighed, not looking up from the winning hand the mare had.
The stallion that was actually facing me looked up, confusion on his face. “Sir Navarone!” he yelled, jumping out of his chair. Now that got the attention of almost everyone in the room.
“Sit,” I answered as I pulled a chair out for me. “If you’re going to act like I’m an officer, I’m leaving. That goes for everyone except the bartender, assuming officers get free drinks.” With that, I sat down.
The stallion slowly rejoined us. While he was doing that, I took a quick look around the bar, trying to gauge reactions. For the most part, all that they were doing was staring. A few conversations didn’t even stop as I walked in, probably some of the ponies that already knew me. Some of them looked tempted to come talk to me. I saw that Smiles had joined a table near mine, the one with the guard that had the eye patch. He cast the occasional nervous glance over at me as I gathered the cards up from the last game and began shuffling.
“Game?” I asked as my hands continued their motions.
“Poker,” the captain answered. “Unless you can think of a better.”
“Good enough for me,” I said, passing out cards. “Hope you don’t mind if we talk while we play, though. Smiles left a few details out while we were talking on the way here.”
“He probably had his eyes on a stallion,” the white guy said, picking up his hand. “He gets like that when he’s around somepony he fancies.” He smiled and rearranged his hand.
“What do you want to know?” the griffin asked, also picking up her hand. Her beak clenched and she muttered something.
“Your names, first,” I answered, picking up my hand. “He mentioned the night guard had a few griffins and a changeling. I see two of those are represented here. He did not mention the captain was so cute, but I won’t hold that against him.”
All three of them looked up at that. “How did you know I was a changeling?” the stallion asked.
“You looked up when I spoke and your expression was confused before you realized who I was. Changelings have a small ability to sense at least basic moods, and I’m invisible to that ability. That, and you’re the only white guy here. It’s the easiest way to distinguish you while also making sure no one freaked if they came in and saw you.”
They looked impressed. The mare spoke up, “How did you know I was the captain?”
“Your fangs,” I answered with a shrug. “Smiles did mention those. Weird to see on a pony’s face, but they fit nicely with the rest of the bat appearance. I don’t suggest being anywhere near blood while you have them, though. You get… urges. Or at least, I did. That’s why I got rid of them.”
She nodded. “They aren’t as fun as I was predicting. They’re great for scaring the common crooks—I even picked up the name Bat Mare—but there are drawbacks.”
I nodded. “I imagine they don’t do wonders for your love life. I imagine most stallions—or mares, for that matter—would be intimidated.”
She sighed wistfully, not answering.
The griffin and the changeling shared a look. The griffin turned back to me and said, “You never got our names. I’m Shade. He’s Quisling. She’s Captain Midnight.”
I looked at the changeling. “Quisling? Seriously? Were you born with that or did Chrysalis give it to you when you left her service?”
“It was the parting gift from a life I don’t like to remember. Names mean less to us, so it was easy enough for me to take on a new one.”
I shook my head. For those that don’t know, quisling is synonymous with traitor, due to Vidkun Quisling’s actions in Norway during World War II. I could explain it more, but I’m writing this while slightly drunk and fuck you. “Well, nice to meet you three. Though,” I said with a look to the captain, “I think I prefer the name Blossom. It seems to suit you better.”
No, actually. This isn't a scene from a fic at all. This is actually a complete OC; all other fanfiction are based off of this image alone.
iWantcoal Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol I see demo-guard in the background XD
"OOOhhhhh~ they say I'm just a one eyed bloodeh monster... gotta tell them any-thingyacan..."
"Gaaah~ if ya think yer betta than me ye gon' havta rethink..."
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