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Hope you're all having a nice Xmas and enjoying S4

I've been working out of town this last few months so apologies for not reading/replying to notes, please send me a note if there's something important I missed

Also just a reminder again that you don't need to ask me for permission to use anything from my DA (please read the Creative Commons Share-alike license in the upload details)

Just trying out inking lineart on a proto page, might be a bit messier than usual

I normally use pen paths to ink but I think its too time consuming to do comic pages that way

I'd like to buy a bowel

twily crossing

- Apologies that I haven't been keeping on top of messages, haven't really been on DA last few weeks and kinda let it pile up, so please send me another PM if there's something important I didn't reply to

- Questions about permissions: you don't need to ask me for permission to use anything from my DA (creative commons share alike non commercial)!

- Thank you very much for all the bday messages!

do you even row

9/10 awesome season will exude liquid pride again

great ep although lightning dust fans might be disappointed

reaction image for various scenarios

EDIT: fascinating videos on this guy's channel, i just love his voice…